About Us

What You Can Expect From ARTAAD Financial:

Transparency to fees, risks and outcomes
  • Confirmation of fees associated with each offering
  • Explanation of risks associated with each investment or strategy
  • Periodic reviews, revisiting the advice you've received, outcomes you've experienced and any recommended changes to the approach
  • Use of plain language
Advice customized for you with a disciplined wealth and investment process
  • Evaluation of your financial situation and help prioritizing what you hope to achieve
  • A clearly defined investment process
  • Regular monitoring of your progress and offering adjustments as your needs change
  • Tools and expertise that embody the best thinking of the firm
Responsible service personalized to your preferences
  • Explanation of all available services – whatever works best for you throughout the relationship
  • Keeping in touch the way you want – in person, by phone, online, or mobile
  • Tools to help you stay connected and monitor your financial picture
  • Timely responses to your questions or concerns and interactions
A team of advisors that understands your needs and goals
  • Trained and dedicated to understand your unique goals while helping you achieve them
  • It's about a dialogue and ongoing narrative, not just an occasional conversation